The Review Booster is a tool that allows you to encourage satisfied customers to submit reviews on Google via invitations sent by text message.

How does it work?

Simply enter the customer's name and phone number on the Partoo interface and click 'Send invitation'.

The customer instantly receives an SMS containing a link redirecting to the notification interface. They can then submit a review in just 3 clicks from the point of opening the text message!

What impact does the Review Booster have?

The Review Booster allows you take control of your e-reputation and make online reviews a weapon that will help you stand out from the competition:

  • Increase the number and frequency of the reviews you receive: making it easier for your customers to submit reviews will significantly increase the number and frequency of the reviews you receive.

  • Increase your average rating: target satisfied customers and drown out negative reviews with new positive ones.

  • Improve the positioning of your Google listing and make it appear in the Local Pack (the first three results on Maps)

  • Broaden the lexical field of your reviews to appear in the first results for searches relating to your activity and containing adjectives that also feature in your reviews (‘best’, ‘efficient’, ‘friendly’, etc.)

Once you have generated positive reviews, you will be able to respond and analyse them with Review Management!

To learn more about the Review Booster please contact our support team by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

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