The Presence Management broadcast interface enables Partoo users to follow live the diffusion status of information from their businesses on Partoo’s platform.

Diffusion status

3 status are available for your listings:

  • Updated: Businesses are correctly updated
  • Pending: Modifications have been sent and are being processed by the third-party website
  • To configure: Businesses require your intervention to finalize the broadcast (add an info, connect to an account…)

Global data

The upper part of the page displays the integration status of all of your businesses on all of Partoo’s diffusion sites.

View below the percentage of listings for each status by moving around the circle:

Detailed data

The lower part of the page shows the details regarding the information integration status by platform.

On each line sorted by website, you will find:

  • The name of the platform,
  • The information displayed on the platform (click on “?” of the corresponding line),
  • The average delivery time,
  • The number of businesses that are “Updated”, “Pending” or “To configure”.

Click on a business partner to have more details about the status and access the interface for editing your information by clicking on the line of the business you wish to edit.

Filter and export data

It is possible to filter data from this page to choose which information to display by clicking on “All my businesses”, and by selecting the businesses you wish to follow.

Then, export these data to the excel format by clicking on “ Export data”.

Finally, filter this page by selecting a single business that will make a button appear, allowing access to the listing on the said platform directly from the Partoo interface.

All the links might not be available but it does not mean that the listing does not exist. It could be explained by:

  • A platform that does not allow you to obtain a link, as the Here on-board camera, or the Factual data base,
  • A lack of time from our algorithm that was not able to update the link: thus, you can find the listing by searching on Google, or on the said website,
  • The configuration required or an error prevents the diffusion for the moment.

If you have any questions, or you wish to know more about how to improve your online information, do not hesitate to contact us through the bottom right the blue chat box

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