Indicate your exceptional schedules on Google My Business directly from the Partoo interface.

When should you enter exceptional schedules?

Exceptional timetables must be entered in two cases:

  • On days when your normal opening hours are changed (exceptional closing/opening, change of schedule).

  • On public holidays. By default, Google considers your schedule to change for these holidays. For example, if you don't specify any special times, Google will display an orange "These times are subject to change", while if you do, your listing will display a green "Holiday Schedule".

How do I indicate my exceptional schedules with Partoo?

Here is how to update your exceptional schedules via Partoo :

  • Click on the establishment you wish to update from the list of establishments.

  • Then go to the "Schedules" tab.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Add a special time slot".

  • Indicate a start date and an end date. If there is only one day, put the same start and end date.

  • Indicate if the establishment is closed or if you just want to add exceptional hours.

  • Finally, please indicate your exceptional schedules

  • Once finished, click on "Save" to update your information on Google!

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